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Gorila BANDS


The heavy duty 41" Resistance bands are as tough as they get. Excellent for mobility work, support or adding resistance to weightlifting.  No instructions needed.

  • Red & Black bands are mostly used for pull-up assistance, mobility and recovery. They're a great tool for adding intensity in a workout without increasing the weight. 
  • Purple & Green bands can also be used as mobility and stretching tools but are good for stronger benchers, and with lower body exercises.   
  • Blue & Orange bands are usually used to get maximum resistance out of a deadlift or squat.

Resitance band


  • 41" standard lenght
  • Resistance : Red, black, purple, green, blue & orange
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Ultra durable
  • #TestedForAnimals

Width & Resistance:

  • Red band - 1.27cm (1/2Inch) wide with a resistance of 4-32LB
  • Black band - 1.9cm (3/4Inch) wide with a resistance of 10-46LB
  • Purple band - 3cm (1 1/8 inches) wide with a resistance of 20-70LB
  • Green band - 4.45cm (1 3/4 inches) wide with a resistance of 40-110LB
  • Blue band - 6.35cm (2 1/2 inches) wide with a resistance of 50-140LB
  • Orange band - 7,62cm (3 1/4 inches) wide with a resistance of 65-165LB
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Gorila BANDS
Gorila BANDS

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